About the complex


Technical details

We built a complex of indoor polygons of over 1000 square meters in an area with easy access (Mega Mall – National Arena), with private parking and permanent security. We have applied the latest standards at European level in the field of safety but also of the comfort of shooters.

We have 3 separate polygons with degrees of ballistic protection suitable for large caliber pistol and low caliber competition pistol (7 automated firing stands at 25m); large caliber rifle, (3 automated firing stands at 50m); rifle / pistol with compressed air – sport shooting or non-lethal weapons (5 shooting stands at 15m).

Regulation of the shooting range complex

The safety rules in the firing range are available on the spot and are dictated by the national legislation in the field. For the safety of you and the other shooters, throughout the shooting you will be assisted by one of our instructors who will ensure compliance with safety rules. Lethal bullet weapons will be made available to you on the firing line along with the ammunition, so that you can train at your own pace.

Weapons can be rented by people who have reached the age of 18 and present a valid identity document (identity card or passport).


The shooters who visited our range recommend us.

“I didn’t think I, as a civilian, could shoot with a gun in the center of town. Unique sensation.”

Georgiana, 28 years old, Graphic Designer

“As a hunter, it is good to practice precision shooting  in the shooting range so as not to get out of hand. I found a location similar to those in Germany or the USA. ”

Tudor, 32 years old, hunter

“Extraordinary investment, worth seeing and trying. Finally we have a place to train for competitions”

Serban, 42 years old, sports shooting coach


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